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To the Builder

How to get started in a Monolithic Dome building business. Start with a rental. You can build it yourself. If you have never built a Monolithic Dome this is your first shot. It is easy, it is simple and if you make a mistake it is no big deal. Get some experience building Monolithic Domes. (Continued…)

Monolithic Dome Rental Business

Starting a Monolithic Dome Rental Business is not terribly difficult, but you have to pay attention. The best way to build them is as an extended stay hotel. The reason is the units are small. If you go by apartment rules thy may make you make the buildings larger. (Continued…)

Construction Drawings

Within the multitudes of Dome Rental plans that have been designed here at Monolithic, here a just a few that we offer. These plans are practical and vary in sizes to accommodate everyone’s needs. (Continued…)