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Monolithic Dome Rental Business

Starting a Monolithic Dome Rental Business is not terribly difficult but you have to pay attention. First of all you want to build it as an extended stay hotel. The reason is the units are small. If you go by apartment rules they may make you make the buildings larger. So you build by motel rules. There are a huge number of advantages by going by motel rules. Number one, they are all over. You see by-the-week hotels scattered all over towns and you even have the big ones like Marriott building by-the-week motels and hotels. There are specific rules for them. One of the rules is you probably have to turn in documents and taxes to the state if people stay less than thirty days. Once they have stayed thirty days or more generally they don’t have to pay the room taxes and you don’t have to report them.

Our motels don’t need fancy locations. The people want to be a bit out of the main traffic zone. They don’t want to be on the main highways. They want you to find a nice quiet place where they can have their units. Often there are properties which have been abandoned. There have been businesses there before. Many of those places you can buy the property and turn it into a Monolithic Rental facility.

Your only need is water and my suggestion is you make it public water either from a city or a county water supply. Next you are going to have to be on a septic system or get it hooked up to a city sewer system. Either one will work. Having your own septic systems is a bit more complex but certainly can be done. We have eighty hooked up to septic systems, we have some hooked up to city water. I have to admit I like the city water and sewer a little better but that does not keep you from building outside the city limits in most places.

We will help you every step of the way. Obviously, you are going to have to come up with the money but there are people that would partner with you. If you have the finances and want to be partners with someone else let us know. We could help connect you up with somebody and maybe depending on where you want to go we can have you partner with us on some projects.

We have software available for keeping track of the rental business. It is simple and really keeps track of the residents.