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A Surprise Award

Knock, Knock!

One evening a short time ago, Katherine August, a resident at Monolithic’s rental complex in Dawson, Texas, got a knock on her front door. The knockers were no one she knew, but were there as representatives of the Dawson Garden Club. They told Katherine that the garden she planted in the area surrounding her dome won their Club’s “Yard of the Month Award” for Oct/Nov.

As far as Katherine was concerned that award was one more nice happening – another addition to what she calls “a wonderful adventure,” that started with her move to Dawson.

Katherine, a nursing student and full time hospital employee, said, “In my current situation, my dome rental is the perfect place for me. It fits my economic needs and it’s easy to maintain.”

Great Garden

In its November 16 edition, the Corsicana Daily Sun described Katherine as a “truly devoted gardner” who, with little time and space, still succeeded in beautifying her surroundings.

Her farming/gardening background taught Katherine to combine vegetables and flowers. So she nestled yellow squash and red cherry tomatoes among brightly colored flowers.

Deborah Sawyer, president of the Dawson Garden Club, said that Club members had kept an eye on Katherine’s garden and they appreciated her efforts.