This website is archived and no longer updated — read more …

This website is archived and no longer updated

Most of the information on Dome Living is 20-years-old and while some information is wildly out-of-date — especially related to money — there is still value in the remaining content.

However, any requests in the content to contact us for any purpose is no longer valid. Instead, this information is preserved for reference, only. Additionally, the term “investment” is occasionally used in the text. It is not a request for funds for a particular project nor is it to be construed as a stock offering or any thing like it. The term was used by the author in a generic sense.

For more information about the Monolithic Dome please visit the Monolithic Dome Institute. For information on some of the rental properties discussed on this site, visit No Corners Property Management.

POSTED: 31 January 2023