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Demand Grows for Small Rental Domes

Small domes provide an affordable housing alternative for low-income residents who do not need a lot of living space. Our rental domes here in Italy, Texas often have a waiting list, and owners of dome rental properties in other parts of the country also report strong demand. (Continued…)

A Surprise Award

One evening a short time ago, Katherine August, a resident at Monolithic’s rental complex in Dawson, Texas, got a knock on her front door. The knockers were no one she knew, but were there as representatives of the Dawson Garden Club. They told Katherine that the garden she planted in the area surrounding her dome won their Club’s “Yard of the Month Award” for Oct/Nov. (Continued…)

Why We Need Io-20 Residence Inns

We are finding that an Io-20 even when rented at an affordable, fair price will turn a profit for the owner. Conclusion: It is possible to provide drastically needed housing and make money at the same time. That’s a win-win! (Continued…)