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To the Builder

Dear Monolithic Dome Builder,

We know that many of you who came to the Monolithic Dome Builders Workshop have not yet had an opportunity to build Monolithic Domes. We understand why in many cases but I have a new idea for you. I would like to see you get some practice. It is really hard to sell a Monolithic Dome to someone if you have never built one and I can easily see why. So, what I have come up with is a new plan where you can build and sell a Monolithic Dome. It will work for you and make you some money.

One of the things we have developed here are little rental units. We have about one hundred and forty, built over the last twenty years. We have done a lot of experimenting and I think that we have answers for you.

First, let me explain that two-thirds of the renters in America are one or two people. And forty percent of them make less than ten dollars an hour. What we have done is built a Monolithic Dome rental for these folks. Now, we have a website called and we are updating it as fast as we can. We would like to suggest you spend some time there, both today and then in another month and another month from now and another month from that.

What we have found is that these rental units make good money and really help people. The renters vary from young ones starting out on their own to senior citizens that just need a place. These units are perfect for married couples, for single Moms, for Veterans etc. There is just a huge need and that need is growing rapidly. You will see what I am talking about if you go to:

America’s Rental Housing: Meeting Challenges, Building Opportunities

Now you decide to build one and buy a piece of land for one or as many as you have in mind. This piece of land you will want to have zoned for commercial or for whatever requirements your area requires for a motel. You will be building a ‘by-the-week motel’. As you look around you will see there are a huge number of motels that have been changed to ‘by-the-week’. They are not nearly as nice as when you specifically design and build them for a ‘by-the-week’ motel unit.

Now I would suggest that you build the Io-20 or Io-16.5. The Io-20 is a twenty foot diameter dome with three hundred and fourteen square feet. It is absolutely perfect for one or two people. The Io-16.5 is 16.5-feet diameter and perfect for singles. We run it with all bills paid because the Monolithic Dome is so energy efficient it is not a big deal, but it really helps the customer. On we show you pictures and plans for some of these rental units. Please look them over very carefully. If you wish to come and visit us we can show you some of them.

In any case, you can build them yourself. If you have never built a Monolithic Dome this is your first shot. It is easy, it is simple and if you make a little mistake it is no big deal. After you get the first one built you are going to want a second one and a third etc. It will put you in a business that has no end.

If you have ideas or need help on this let us know.


David B South, President