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Rental Communities

“If you build them, they will rent.” Monolithic’s President David B. South has been saying that since mid-2000 when the company first began planning the building of an experimental complex of dome rentals. Monolithic’s goal was to provide clean, secure, and — most importantly — affordable housing for low-income individuals. Now, years later, we have a variety of Monolithic rental communities.

What is a Io-16.5?

This unit is a Io-16.5 oblate ellipse, with a diameter of 16.5 feet and a height of 9 feet. It is a single living unit of 210 square feet—about the size of a large motel room. Each unit includes a bathroom with toilet, shower, and pocket door. There is a fair amount of cabinet space with sink, hot plate, microwave, and small refrigerator with freezer. The sleeping area allows room for a bed or fold out couch and a small closet. It is designed primarily for one person, but has been used by two many times. (Continued…)

Morgan Meadows in Texas

Morgan Meadows is upon completion of it’s 48 single Cottages of 314 square feet each in a garden type setting. The cottages will provide a private, secluded feel — each set off with plantings, walks, fences and canopies. A single carport is included with additional parking for guests. The structures are Io-20 Monolithic Domes as developed by Monolithic Dome Institute. (Continued…)