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Give Everybody a Better Place to Live

The time has come for us to try and reach out across America and give everybody a chance to have a better place to spend the night. In 1994 Monolithic started teaching people how to build Monolithic Domes. We have had over 2,500 through our classes since then, and of that about 400 have built either a Monolithic Dome or an Ecoshell. There has been one big obstacle and that is sales. A person who comes to the class, learns how to build the dome but has no real the experience. It is very difficult for to sell a dome home to somebody who knows that it is the builder’s first. Also, it is very difficult to get financing and obtain the equipment.

I finally think I have figured it out. What I would like is everybody that has gone through a class or anybody that wants to go through a class and would like to have an opportunity to build some Monolithic Domes to consider building your own.

How does building my own work? I already have a house to live in, I haven’t got a lot of extra money, I can’t seem to get the banks interested in financing dome homes. How can I possibly build my own dome home?

The answer is simple. Buy a little piece of land near you and build a rental on it and don’t build a big expensive rental. Build a Monolithic Dome rental that we have proven works extremely well. is to help you make rentals happen. Rentals do not have to happen to only those who want to build them. People that want to invest in the rentals will find that this is an extremely good investment for them.

About the year 2000, I went through the U. S. Census and found that two thirds of all of the renters in America are one or two people per household. Have you any idea how many that comes to? Another fact was that forty percent of those people made less than $8.00 an hour. So that means they need a rental but they need it at a reasonable price and most of them could only find junk to rent, if anything at all.

We started experimenting by building some of these little rentals. Some of our first ones were sixteen and a half foot diameter domes that we could load on a truck and ship. We built several of them and shipped them to different places across the U.S. but people needed more than that. People need to have a place to be set down and to be managed and operated like a little business. As the years went by we moved to a twenty foot dome, what we call an Io-20. We now have about one hundred of those and they are a very good investment and they make money. We are now looking at building more in a one location. Two hundred will make the owners good money over a long period of time. We recommend you build two-thirds of the units as Io-20s and about one-third as Io-16.5.

We would invite all of you to take a look at building these rental units. Start with one or maybe four or maybe ten, run them from your own house. We have here on this site all of the instructions on how to do it. Just make it happen.

One of the sweet deals of Monolithic Dome rentals is the buildings are worth more every year. Sure they get some depreciation and they have to have some repair but every year they are worth more than they were before. They are permanent, they don’t fall apart. So, if you build them today, ten years from today they are worth more and you will make more. They do not depreciate, in fact they look nicer because of the green grass and the trees all look better and the need is more.

The buildings take a fourth as much energy to heat and cool. That means they are less expensive to operate. They cannot be burned, the cannot be blown away and they provide spectacular housing for the one or two to a family. Take a look at our information here on this website, and let’s figure out how to make it happen.